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Muay Thai for life.

We believe in making a difference with each lesson. It begins with my commitment to building a positive environment and strong family community to share my knowledge and coaching that meets my standards.


The Shevchenko Sisters

I have been part of the Fight Team for
UFC Flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko
and UFC Flyweight Fighter Antonina Shevchenko since 2017. 





I use to train years ago and really loved it. I’ve always wanted to get back at it, not only for myself but for my daughter as well. Trying to get a teenager off her phone and moving is difficult. Also, having her learn how to defend herself as a female is important these days, on top of having confidence. Finally found a gym that’s very welcoming and family oriented. Signed up back in January and never stopped since. Andrada Muay Thai will welcome your entire family! I also got my significant other to sign up as well, so now my whole family trains together. Coach Jason and Coach Panda is so awesome, they really help you to be your best. Whether your trying to work up a good sweat, de stress, or just have fun. THIS IS THE SPOT!! ❤️ This MUAY THAI Fam!!
Tracy Lonergan
Tracy Lonergan
I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to train in Muay Thai weather it’s for yourself or your kids, coach Jason is an amazing coach he puts everything he has into his students he pays attention to every detail we couldn’t ask for a better coach because he’s it we wouldn’t trade him for anything, now if you looking for a one on one private training session please see coach panda she is amazing I promise you will not be disappointed , everyone in this gym is a family like what coach Jason and coach panda always say we are the AMT FAMILY everybody respects everyone thank you so much coach Jason and coach Panda for all your hard work and dedication we appreciate you both
Denise Diaz
Denise Diaz
I came to Andrada Muay Thai with no experience what so ever. I was nervous to attend but as soon as I walked in it all went away. Coach Jason and Coach Panda welcomed me like family and made me feel at ease. I learned so much and had so much fun within the 1 hour session! Coach Jason and Coach Panda are great coaches who really breakdown why every movement matters. I came back the next day and we built on what I had learned. It’s a great workout and there’s so much to learn. My suggestion? Definitely come for the physical workout, but stay for the mental engagement that this sport requires. Mind to muscle connection here is important and it’ll get you far. I’m sore literally everywhere but I can’t wait to come back and train some more! Thanks Team Andrada ❤️👊🏽🙏🏽
Stephanie B
Stephanie B
I got a massage from Panda, and it was so great and effective! She truly understands the body and how being active affects different muscles. The massage can be “painful” if you allow her to put the pressure on, but you know what they say, “No pain, no gain!” The massage was 5 stars, and I will be seeing her again. Also, my husband attends the Muay Thai classes and has nothing to say but ecstatic things after every session. He truly adores the owners and his classmates. We recommend this gym for anyone who’s interested in Muay Thai!
Thalia Siqueiros
Thalia Siqueiros
I have really enjoyed training at Andrada Muay Thai for about a year now. With Jason’s attentive coaching, my striking has improved immensely as compared to when I first started. Coach Cindy’s assisted stretching helps work the kinks out of my body, and just makes me feel better overall so I can get back in the gym and crush it. This is a great studio with some of the best, most reliable coaching in Las Vegas, hands down.
Richie Palou
Richie Palou
Shout out to coach Panda Aka Cindy Aka the Mobilinator. I’ve had knee pain in my right knee for the last 9 years that has came and gone. My left ankle no matter how much I stretch and try and fix it my self has felt foreign as well. Last but not least I’ve dealt with shoulder impingement, and shoulder issues pretty much my whole life which hasn’t allowed me to perform pull ups comfortable, my overhead presses have sucked forever and has cause me shoulder issues and definitely was not helping with my punches... 2 stretch seshes later, my knee pain is gone, my left ankle, and left calf feel great which translates to power and overall mobility, and I have the best range of motion I’ve ever had for my shoulders and when I was doing pull ups tonight they felt amazing. So maybe Muay Thai isn’t for you but you have a desk job or you do train Muay Thai but you have a nagging issue or multiple I would definitely recommend getting a 1 on 1 stretch session with coach panda... maybe bring your favorite teddy bear to hug it can get intense.
Arron Fletcher
Arron Fletcher
After discovering this gym myself on google/yelp, I had super high expectations based on the reviews. Andrada Muay Thai more than exceeded my expectations. Jason is a machine! Super legit fighter and coach. Enthusiastic and attentive during all the 6-7 hours of classes he personally coaches a day. Including a one hour kids class. I’ve seen first hand how amazing he is with all the kids. Everyone at the gym who I’ve encountered is extremely friendly and welcoming. Muay Thai people are cool in general. So far it seems like an egoless environment to get productive high level training. It’s also a great place for complete beginners. The classes are great, lots of functional and practical drills with partners. Technique and endurance focused. Also productive light friendly Thai style sparring. What a great gym.
Hector Pellot
Hector Pellot
If you're curious about this Muay Thai thing, or maybe you just want to try something new, or you want to train to fight, this is the place for you. Currently my whole family is enroll, including my 3 year old son and my wife. And we love it! That just tells you there's a little something for everyone. Check out the instagram page because that will give you an idea to all the levels and how things run. Definitely a fun way to work out to say the least.
Richie Palou
Richie Palou
Coach Andrada! One of the most caring, detailed, great communicating coaches you could ask for! I've gone to previous gyms and also have coached and led teams my self. Jason as a leader and coach and communicator is definitely special. Lots of coaches, fighters, athletes, can be great at a skill however being able to teach and communicate to get your students to listen is a whole different game. This gym is more of a family vibe, no one is trying to kill each other in sparring or drills. You generally get put with partners around your skill level so you can learn something as badass as Muay Thai Comfortably so you can keep coming back. I first started off with boxing and being a shorter guy when your training against taller people... ya eventually you could get pretty good at boxing. But Muay Thai my first class and being able to use legs just felt right and I instantly fell in love with it, if you watch the sportsmanship on youtube of Professional Muay Thai Fighters it is violent but the respect is immense. If you have been trying to lose weight or want to try something new, or you are like me and want to be able to have your cake and eat it too. Give it a try, if you train every day you can eat pretty much whatever you want. The confidence you get from learning how to protect your self allows you to walk around differently and I wish when I was a kid in school my parents would have enrolled me in this. Thanks again Coach, Give it a try first class is free. - Richie
Cristina Papalardo
Cristina Papalardo
Me and my husband go to the kickboxing classes that just started in the morning time, and it really kicks our butt! We lovvveeee Andrada Muay Thai for pushing us to our limits! The place is super clean and everyone is spaced out perfectly due to COVID-19. For anyone wanting to give Muay Thai a shot, or just wants to get their fitness back into gear, this place is the place to be!

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Training Highlight: Valentina vs Eye UFC 38

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